4 Sessions  |  3 Days  |  2 Teams


Over the years, we’ve seen systems that are grossly over-built, costing far more than they should have. We’ve also seen other systems that were at full capacity on opening weekend, leaving no room for growth. Our process enables us to design the system that you need—factoring in growth potential—without going overboard. This is just a partial list of what you will receive after your Foresight Design Kickoff.

  • Executive summary of all findings and workshop recap
  • 3D Design renderings (Scope dependent)
  • Infrastructure Construction Documents
  • Conceptual project budget
  • Phased masterplan
Best-in-Class Personalized Design
Stress-Free Project Execution
Fully Customized Training
Ongoing Support


Most importantly, if you need to consider executing the project in phases, you’ll have the infrastructure in place to build out the entire system when you’re ready. This is especially critical in new construction.

Built right the first time for your better future.

Systems go off track because the equipment is selected the way vacationers fill a buffet plate in Las Vegas. Individually, each piece might be fine. But as a system, it is often less than ideal. Over the years, we’ve replaced a lot of equipment because it just didn’t work with the other equipment on site.

By beginning with the end in mind, you can be confident that the entire system will work as planned when it’s fully installed; today and well into the future. You’ll never have to wonder if a new video system will interface with your audio system—yes, they need to work together—because we designed it correctly from the beginning.

You receive the most cost-effective solution over the long run because the equipment is only purchased once, not multiple times.

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